Favorite Websites

October 07, 2009

I figured since some of you may not know a lot about the “nerd news”, and what new devices and gadgets are coming out, or which TV should I get, so I’m going to put together a list of my favorite websites.

Overall “Nerd News”

  • The Verge - From science to gaming, The Verge has it covered
  • Gizmodo - Hands down best “nerd news” website
  • Engadget - Another great news site, mainly for gadgets and devices

TVs and Other Electronics

  • @AV_Expert - Nice place for good Home Theater help, like which TV looks the best, and what BluRay player has the most features

iPhone and iPod Touch

  • modmyi - THE PLACE for all iPhone hackers out there
  • iFans - Where all iPod Touch users should go

Helpful Forums

  • iPhoneDevSDK - FANTASTIC iPhone SDK forum, for help with EVERYTHING Warning: There have been hackings reported through visiting this site

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